Edit Photoshop Resume Template



 How To Edit Your Resume Template

  Step 01 : Install Fonts
-Check The Fonts included in your downloaded 
File and Install all of them .
 Step 02 : Editing Text
- Open the PSD file with Photoshop and select the text
Tool, to edit the text.
If you still have any problem editing your Resume, 

Step 03 : Place your Photo
-Now you can Place a Logo of your, inside the round place area.Check the Layers panel. There is an Orange marked folder. Click the right arrow then you will find a Smart object; Double click here.

- A New Window will Open. Now Drag and Drop your Logo here, or go to :  File ► Place Embedded  --- select your Logo and Place it. 
once you are done press ctrl+S and Place it. 
Save and Close the File. Now You can see your 
Logo on the Document.
To change Color:
- To change Color, Select the objects layer and double click on it.Color picker window will appear and select your
Expected color from it.

 If you still have any problem editing your Resume, There’s a Help Video File can show you how easy Is that by visiting our Youtube channel.
Watch the Video For Custom Modification.